Friday, November 9, 2012

to do list -I swear to done all of items!

I must do these:

  1. pic up photos from pc
  2. print to photos
  3. arrange to all frames
  4. to post Berçem's letter
  5. pay for all bills
  6. paint of shell wreath
  7. arrange to sea room's wall' (canvas, frames, wreaths etc.)
  8. make cushions for sea room' bed
  9. organize to bookcases in the sea room
  10. arrange to all plants and fix it needed ones (add soil, watering,)
  11. read & scan to 'evimiz' encyclopaedia
  12. arrange to attic
  13. finish to make orange dress
  14. make curtain for kitchen
  15. set up rustic for pet's room
  16. arrange to under stairs (laundry)
  17. arrange utility space
  18. clean refrigerator
  19. clean and re-upholstery breakfast nook
  20. fix twin table in living room
  21. fix door frame in basement pet' room
  22. grind dried peper
  23. reorganize tool boxes
  24. IRON!
  25. LAUNDRY!
  26. make a few boxes for closets
  27. fix alex' fav. ball
  28. make a stuff with shells for berçem 
  29. make a clothe for aysima
  30. continue do list 'to do list'....

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